Legal Bases for the Giveaway Sof Blossom dres

Legal bases of the giveaway

Legal bases
1. The giveaway will be managed through the EASYPROMOS platform. EASYPROMOS is the leading platform for the realization of giveaway on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and draws from a list.
2. After the draw, EASYPROMOS will issue a Certificate of validity, which includes the total number of finalists, the internal reference of the draw in EASYPROMOS, the date and time of the giveaway, and the list of winners. and alternates included. The Certificate has an Internet address.
3. Only individuals who have a personal Instagram account, are followers of @sonia.budner and comply with the requirements can participate in the giveaway.
4. Comments that have offensive, political and / or sexual content are NOT VALID.
5. The prize given by Sonia Budner Atelier includes a winner for a Soft Blossom dress. One dress will be raffled (in the size the winner choose from 2 to 8). The winner will be selected through the easypromos application.
6. The prize of this dynamic is non-transferable and can NOT be exchanged for money or any other benefit of products and / or services.
7. The activity starts on Friday 05/28/2021 and ends on 05/31/2021. The winner will be announced on 06/01/2021.
8. The winner must be of legal age. If you are not of legal age, the prize must be withdrawn by your legal representative.
9. Employees of the Digital Agency will not participate. They will take care of the activity.
10. The raffle is not sponsored, endorsed, managed or associated in any way with Facebook or Instagram.

 11. The prize will be delivery like a gift. Although, eventualy, some custom fees can be required from custom authorities. Sonia Budner Atelier is not responsible for any custom fees

12. These terms and conditions may vary in the development of the dynamics and the brand's Instagram account.
13. Participation in this draw implies acceptance of terms and conditions described above.